Paul Sixta

Your ultimate fantasy becomes reality in Funny Soft Happy & The Opposite : life as a jazz musical dance experience. If you take life seriously, this is the dress rehearsal. While life flashes by, Funny Soft Happy & The Opposite offers a way out. Six dancers demonstrate a high-intensity training for body and mind, with which you build endurance for life.
Because we desperately need it in this world that is spinning faster and faster and in which values ​​such as care, compassion and listening to each other are under pressure. How do we individuals relate to each other in such a world? Or to the group? Funny Soft Happy & The Opposite will work with you to build a new space in which these questions can be asked, full of rainbows, smoke curtains and dazzling bodies. 
Courtesy of Bob Fosse musicals, neuroscience, and '80s workout videos, six diverse dancers give you a glimpse of what life could be like when we give in to what Funny Soft Happy & The Opposite is about: this life that we live. Join: Feel free to toss your hair, have a drink, share a thought and dance afterwards. If human life is a performance. Then we need a human performance practice. To build stamina for life. (See original text)
© Paul Sixta
© Paul Sixta
© Paul Sixta
© Paul Sixta
© Noortje Stortelder
© Noortje Stortelder
© Paul Sixta
© Paul Sixta
CONCEPT & CHOREOGRAPHY: Connor Schumacher. MADE WITH AND PERFORMED BY: Mohamed Boujarra, Sandy Ceesay, Courtney May Robertson, Karlijn Roest (cover), Majon van der Schot, Paolo Yao, Jiaman Zhang. DRAMATURGY: Maaike Schuurmans. LIGHT DESIGN & TECHNIQUE: Edwin van Steenbergen. COSTUME DESIGN: Noor Mulders(Dragadina). MUSIC: Animal Collective, Lex Baxter, Chassol, Doon Kanda, Fever Ray, LAMAt Records, Evelyn Ida Morris, Nice as Fuck, Paramore, Raymond Scott, SOPHIE, Susanne Sundfør, Paula Temple, The Acid, The Books, Tina Turner, Tzuing. PUBLICITY IMAGE: Noortje Stortelder. PRODUCTION: Dansateliers. FINANCIAL SUPPORT: Fonds 21, Fonds Podiumkunsten, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Stichting Zabawas, Municipality of Rotterdam.
08.10.21 - Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn (DE) 

05.10.21 - Theater de Veste, Delft (NL) 

30.10.20 - Cultuurhuis De Zeepziederij, Bree (BE) - cancelled 

28.10.20 - Goudse Schouwburg, Gouda (NL) 
​​​​​​​- cancelled 

27.10.20 - Toneelschuur, Haarlem (NL) - cancelled 

21.10.20 - Theater de Veste, Delft (NL) - cancelled 

16.10.20 - Compagnietheater, Amsterdam (NL) 

10.10.20 - Schouwburg Hengelo (NL) 

23.01.20 - Theater Kikker, Utrecht (NL)

18.01.20 - Theater Rotterdam (NL)

12.01.20 - Korzo, Den Haag (NL)

09.01.20 - Theater a/d Rijn, Arnhem (NL) 

07.01.20 - Theater Bellevue, Amsterdam (NL)

21.12.19 - AINSI, Maastricht (NL)

13.12.19 - LUX Theater, Nijmegen (NL)

21.09.19 - Theater Rotterdam (NL)

20.09.19 - Theater Rotterdam, Premiere (NL)

19.09.19 - Eindhoven (NL)


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