As a starting point for this short solo, Courtney takes a metaphor for 
self-control; a rider taming a wild horse. She looks at the struggle between embracing one's desires, and regulating behaviour in accordance with societal pressures. Visual projections encapsulate Courtney within an octagon spanning 4m in diameter. Through a combination of poetry, dance, and song, she travels across landscapes of personal desires, memories, and conflicts. The space acts like a time capsule; intimate home videos are spliced with sampled imagery from YouTube, documentaries and old films. the pleasure of stepping off a horse when it’s moving at full speed is Courtney’s attempt to embrace the, sometimes messy, contradictions that make up a multifaceted human.
This work was commissioned by Dansateliers Rotterdam as part of HBS Fest. A film adaption was made in collaboration with Paul Sixta. 
*the pleasure of stepping off a horse when it's moving at full speed was selected for Aerowaves Twenty 2022.

Upcoming Performance DATES

13 - 18.08.24 - Edinburgh Fringe Festival (UK) TICKETS 

20 - 25.08.24 - Edinburgh Fringe Festival (UK) 

Past performance dates 

14.12.23 - 
OT301, WE ARE PUBLIC x Subbacultcha, Amsterdam (NL)

09.12.23 -  La Fayette Anticipations, Paris (FR)

25.11.23 - Dance Identity Festival, Eisenstadt (AT)

24.10.23 - Dansstationen Malmo via Dansnat Sverige (SE)

21.10.23 - Falkhallen Falkenberg via Dansnat Sverige (SE)

17.10 23 - Dansens Hus Stokholm via Dansnat Sverige (SE)

13.10.23 - Norrlandsoperan Umeå via Dansnat Sverige (SE)

15.09.23 - Spazio Kor, Asti (IT) 

24.05.23 - Corso, Berchem (BE)

21.04.23 - Korzo, Den Haag (NL)

07.04.23 - Femmes Modernes, CCNO, Orleans (FR)

06.04.23 - Femmes Modernes, CCNO, Orleans (FR)

24.03.23 - New Sh*t x Aerowaves Dansehallerne, Copenhagen (DK) 

18.03.23 - Festival Artdanthé au Théâtre de Vanves, Paris (FR)

19.02.23 - Firkin Crane, Cork (IE)

18.02.23 - Firkin Crane, Cork (IE)

09.02.23 - What Next Festival, Limerick (IE)

11.11.22 - International Theaters Festival Lublin (PL)

10.09.22 - Danshus Oslo (NO)

09.09.22 - Danshus Oslo (NO)
10.05.22 - Theater Rotterdam, Krijn Boon Studio (NL)

06.05.22 - Theater Bellevue, Amsterdam (NL) *Moving Futures Festival*

01.05.22 - Aerowaves Spring Forward Festival, Elefsina (GR)

23.04.22 - Grand Theater, Groningen (NL) *Moving Futures Festival*

16.04.22 - Chasse Theater, Breda (NL) *Moving Futures Festival*

25.03.22 - De Nieuwe Vorst, Tilburg (NL) *Moving Futures Festival*

08.12.21 - De Vlugt, Amsterdam (NL) - cancelled 

10.11.21 - Frascati Issues: The Gathering, Amsterdam (NL)  

02.10.21 - HBS Fest, Dansateliers, Theater Studio, Rotterdam (NL) x 2 

01.10.21 - HBS Fest, Dansateliers, Theater Studio, Rotterdam (NL) x 2 

25.09.21 - HBS Fest, Dansateliers, Theater Studio, Rotterdam (NL) x 2 

24.09.21 - HBS Fest, Dansateliers, Theater Studio, Rotterdam (NL) x 2 

04.07.21 - Why Not X Julidans: OFF VENUE, Amsterdam (NL) x 3 

03.07.21 - Why Not X Julidans: OFF VENUE, Amsterdam (NL) x 3 

29.11.20 - Freshly Made, Dansateliers, Rotterdam (NL)

28.11.20 - Freshly Made, Dansateliers, Rotterdam (NL) 

27.11.20 - HBS Fest, Dansateliers, Rotterdam (NL) - postponed 

26.11.20 - HBS Fest, Dansateliers, Rotterdam (NL) - postponed 

22.11.20 - HBS Fest, Dansateliers, Rotterdam (NL) - postponed 

21.11.20 - HBS Fest, Dansateliers, Rotterdam (NL) - postponed 

20.11.20 - HBS Fest, Dansateliers, Rotterdam (NL) - postponed 

19.11.20 - HBS Fest, Dansateliers, Rotterdam (NL) - postponed 

Concept, choreography, performance, visual projections & sound design: Courtney May Robertson
Dramaturgy: Merel Heering
Outside eye : Kristin de Groot & Yoko Ono Haveman
Technical support: Edwin van Steenbergen

Tour technicians: Manuel Boutreur & Janine de Weerd
Trailer & Video registration: Paul Sixta
Press photos: Anna van Kooij
Music: AAR - A01 & A02, Empty Set - Order, Cities Aviv - Title Piece, Death Grips - Disappointed
Produced by: Dansateliers Rotterdam
Financially supported by: Municipality of Rotterdam & Kickstart Cultuurfond
With thanks to: Bas de Geus, Adam Peterson & Nik Rajšek


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